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We’re Women, We Have Double Standards To Live Up To.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about double standards. There’s a book out there by Jessica Valenti called He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut and 49 Other Double Standards a Woman Should Know,that has really brought these to my attention.And its jam packed with witty quotes such as:

“It seems the word ‘slut’ can be applied to any activity that doesn’t include knitting, praying, or sitting perfectly still lest any sudden movements be deemed whorish.” 


Now, everyone knows, I believe one hundred percent that a woman should serve her man. If he asks, make him the damn sandwich, and shut up. Take it as a compliment, it means he knows you can do a great job. But there are certain things that are complete and utter bullshit.

Now, say there are two individuals, one male and one female. We’ll call them Todd and Amy. Both of them tell you they’ve slept with 8 people. You’re probably inclined to tell Todd that he’s fine, that’s not that many. But, Amy, oh you are a slut, good luck ever finding a man to wife you up with a number that high.

There’s even a “Rule of 3” which states that every woman should divide the number of people she’s slept with by 3 and men should multiply it by 3 when telling people, so the women have a lower number and men have a higher number. Excuse me. What. No. I don’t know if we’re all just choosing to overlook the facts, but if men have such high numbers and women are so celibate, there’s either a whole damn lot of homosexuality or lying going on, and my bet’s on the latter of the two.

But in the same respect, a woman can never be right. For example. If she’s saving herself, or says no to sex, she’s a prude. But if she exercises her right to say yes, our girl is an easy slut. So, what do you want from us? I don’t normally cry about the discrepancies between men and women, but God, it’s impossible to make society happy. 

I am not a feminist by any means, but seriously. If I get dressed up in heels and a skirt, I’m putting myself out there, yet if I wear dress pants and a large, ill-fitting top, I look like a slob. Forgive us for having all of these curves and such that we don’t have any control over, and tell me exactly how I’m supposed to present myself to satisfy these standards set forth by society.

We cannot. There will always exist double standards. Men will push and push women to sleep with them, act in a slutty manner, et cetera, yet they’ll wait around to marry a virginal girl.  But, recall, virgin girls who have exercised their right to say no are prudes and incapable of having fun. So. What do you want from us, because I would honestly love to hear what would make me a self respecting individual in the eyes or our extremely judgmental society.

You know, a woman can be blamed for her own rape if she is “acting like she wants it” or “exposing too much”? How sick is that. Society will actually blame the woman dressed in a skimpy dress and a little tipsy, even if she said “NO” time after time, because she was asking for it. What is wrong with the world we live in when a rape victim is made to feel like a slut instead of a victim?

Well, it looks like we’ll just have to get used to it, because “We’re women, we have double standards to live up to.” Thank you, Ally McBeal, for teaching me at a young age that we women would be destined to play according to a different set of rules, and that for us, home runs would be anything but good.