Good Luck Rachel.


I’m sure many of you have seen, or at least heard of, the film Good Luck Chuck.  Now, for the latter part of my life, all of my friends have told me that I am just like title character, Chuck. I’ve only seen the movie once — in a stupor of a wounded confidence at the hands of an asshole man, so I’ll just provide a basic summary.

Women love sleeping with Chuck, because after doing so, they meet the love of their life.

Now, I’ve always been more like Chuck’s friend, Stu, who serves to remind him that sex without love is still sex. I’m not really actively looking for anything serious.  But still, every single man I have been with, be it dating or talking to, has become seriously involved with the girl he is with immediately following me. And I mean it. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

I’ll start off young. In the 8th grade, I dated Steady Eddy — as my mom called him. His next girlfriend was in tenth grade. He has a child to her. Skipping a few less entertaining ones — I dated what one might call my first love. Do you want to know how our relationship ended? With him text messaging a girl I was sitting right next to. And telling her he was single. (He was dating me. Until I saw that.) Now? He’s going to marry a very large, younger girl. She happened to also be the girl after me.

I dated someone the summer before my sophomore year. He’s engaged to the girl he cheated on me with. Sophomore year, both boys I talked to and I didn’t work out — but I bet any money they propose to their respective current girlfriends. This year? I’ve talked to two people. Both of which are now in serious relationships. Noticing a trend?

I always thought it was coincidence. But the most recent man in my life came out and said he wasn’t looking for anything serious. He wanted something fun, because in a month, we’d be going our separate ways. This sentiment was perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for. But then, one night, he tells me he met someone amazing who he seriously likes. Good for him. But what. If someone who blatantly expresses disinterest in dating finds someone to be serious with after being with me, I guess that’s when I’ll know it’s real.

Seriously. I have a curse. And I don’t really know what it is. Or how to fix it. I guess I need to watch the movie again. But at this point, just call me Good Luck Rachel — and if you’re looking for a man, come to me. Because I bet I can date one for you.


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