My “Worth It” List


In my recent days, I’ve been struggling a lot with money. Since a very young age, I’ve been rather self sufficient. I would babysit, work for my parents, anything to make my OWN money. I tried my damnedest not to ask to borrow money, I wanted to prove that I could support myself. When I turned sixteen, I went out and got a minimum wage job at McDonalds, and worked forty hours a week all through high school. Shockingly, nothing has changed, except its college now.

For the past two years, I’ve worked two jobs, averaging between sixty and ninety hours a week during any and all breaks I’ve had from school. I pay for as many of my own things as possible, even if that means credit cards (which I have completely paid off!). I will pay back every single cent of my student loans on my own accord. You know, I wouldn’t trade a thing about this insane work habit I have, even if it does mean that on weekend nights, I’m working until one or two in the morning while my friends are all out having fun. It means I’ve learned the value of a dollar, and it has instilled a work ethic in me that I am beyond proud of.

That being said, prices of EVERYTHING, literally everything, are sky-rocketing. Leading to me doing a lot of staying in, although most of the time I’m working anyways. But still, there are a few things in the world that I will find a way to budget, no matter what. And thus, I have compiled my “worth it” list. These five items are the five things that I need to exist. Now, yes, of course, there are many more. But these are more of my personal indulgences if you will.

  1. LITERATURE: I’m a book worm. I love to read. And just because the economy is absurd and gas is averaging four dollars a gallon, I’m not about to quit my reading habit. I’d rather be outside in a cardboard box with a good book than indoors with nothing but a television set. And since I have a Nook, its even easier than one would think to get cheap or free books. Win!
  2. COFFEE: Try as I might, I can’t kick the addiction. I know caffeine is unhealthy. I know I consume much more than I should. I know, I know, I know. But that hot, black liquid is what keeps me same. And I know it is extremely expensive, but hey, if that’s my vice, let me have it for God’s sake. After all, at least its calorie-less.
  3. LIVE MUSIC: I know, this seems strange. But really, there is nothing better than music, except for live music. And if nothing else, one live concert a year would be enough to hold me over. But the feeling you get standing there in a sundress and boots singing along with your favorite country artist, or rapping right along with one of your hip hop idols, its breath-taking, life-changing, unforgettable and priceless.
  4. PEDICURES: I hate feet. They are the ugliest, most disgusting body part on any human being. So, of course, I appreciate anything that makes them appear just the slightest bit more attractive. I like them. I’m a simple girl, I’d go everywhere without make up on, and I spend less time getting ready than any one of my girlfriends, but regardless, I would sacrifice meals for a week if it meant I could budget this 45 minutes of pampering into my life.
  5. GUACAMOLE: I don’t even think words can do this substance justice. Guacamole is literally my favorite food ever, hands down. I could live on it, and I do my best to try. Avocados are expensive. Its a time-consuming dish to prepare. It isn’t all that filling, and although it is healthy, it lacks a lot of essential nutrients. But I DO NOT CARE. I will, no matter how much it might cost, find a way to finance my guac addiction.

There are a million other things, such as my sorority, gym membership, et cetera that I spend a lot of money on, but wouldn’t gibe up for the life of me. But these five, they are my guilty pleasures. My escapes from everything else. My presents to myself. My “Worth It” list. And here’s one of my famous Dortin Tips — if you’re feeling down about your work week grind, and wishing you could escape the everyday work schedule we all loathe, write your own “worth it” list. It really puts it all into perspective and makes every single one of those 14 hour days worth it.


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