Life Lessons According to Rachel


I’ve learned a lot of tough lessons these past few days. And while yes, its been a few of the worst days I’ve had in a really long time, I’ve learned so much from them. I’ve always been a firm believer that sometimes you need to learn your lessons the hard way, so I guess I just got a taste of my own medicine.

LESSON ONE. Boys are not worth any part of your time. I know this sounds very cliche and an over used but here’s the thing. They will make you cry. And not because you care about them at all, but they will still make you cry on a late weekend night. You won’t have any fun with them, not at all. You should only have friends. And please, for the love of God, make sure they are mentally stable. That is key.

LESSON TWO. You cannot be friends with everyone. Why? Well, you see, inevitably someone will decide to talk about you. Even though they should be your “friend”. Or make up some lie like: You stole her pants. Instead. Figure out who your real friends are. And don’t ever do anything to mess that up.

LESSON THREE: If you lose your room key in a foreign country, replace that. Or else you might end up stranded on a futon unable to get into your room. Also. Never leave your keys in a boy’s room and leave — he will fall asleep and you will be stranded, and sad, and look a tiny bit crazy.

LESSON FOUR: Don’t listen to someone who isn’t actually one of your friends. Because chances are they aren’t trustworthy and they will have lied to you. And then you will probably end up fighting with someone who actually matters, then you’ll probably cry and maybe get an injury or two. It happens.

LESSON FIVE: Do not — I repeat: DO NOT let someone walk all over you. If they hurt you once, that’s it. Don’t keep thinking something will change because it WON’T. It really will just get worse. And then you’ll run in heels and fall. And yell at a lot of important people. And go into a boy’s bathroom in public. Oops. So. A recap: Don’t put up with people. Not worth it.

LESSON SIX: Be happy. Really. Don’t be angry. Or yell. Or cry. Or throw a temper tantrum, although there are many reasons you may want to. But instead, just be happy. Laugh. Dance. Smile. And don’t care about anything but having a good time.

LESSON SEVEN: Don’t wear flip flops in slippery locations, or you will fall. A lot. And it will be painful, and you will get bruises, and no one likes pain or bruises. Because they look bad and hurt bunches and it just isn’t good. Always wear appropriate footwear for the situation. You’ll thank me for that one.

LESSON EIGHT: Never be too good to apologize. Given the circumstances, the person should be willing to accept you and love you, as clearly you had no ability to control that whole situation — REALLY. And if you apologize, it is good for you emotionally also. And, in accordance with that, you should never be too good to forgive either. Its a two way street. And don’t harbor resentment, just move on. FORGET. Its really for the best.

LESSON NINE: Don’t regret things. It really isn’t worth it at all. Because it doesn’t do anything for you except force you to dwell on things that you do not need to. We all make mistakes, and really, really bad ones sometimes. So don’t think about it. Forget it. Move on. Be happy. Good. Great. Happy.


Be happy. Forgive your true friends and forget. Don’t ever let someone who doesn’t deserve you take advantage of you. Have fun. Smile. Laugh. Love. But always practice caution, because everyone is not who they seem. You will end up hurt. There will be nights where you cry uncontrollably on a friend’s futon for an undetermined reason or yell at everyone you see. There will be nights when you hate everything. But there will also be nights that you realize why you made the choices you have, and instead of dwelling on regrets, you will be filled with a feeling of “rightness”.


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