Star Gazing


Things I love about warm weather include the following: fishing. laying out. running outdoors. iced tea on the porch. driving with the windows down. stargazing. bonfires. taking long walks at night. and so, so, so much more.

Today, I was able to do so many of these things. I spent my whole day laying in the sunshine — getting burnt and studying, but still. I was warm and I was happy. I drank some iced tea outdoors, I’ll count that, although none will trump my daddy’s homemade iced tea.

Then, tonight, I went on a walk. From approximately 7:30 to 10:30 PM. Sorry, GPA. Now, I should have been writing papers and studying, but what was I doing? Basking in the warmth. Reflecting on my past, talking out my present and, of course, fantasizing about my future.

That’s what I love about walking at night. You’ve got a perfect view of the stars, at least in my little collegiate village, you do. Sorry, all of you from the city. Pretend with me. You walk outside, and the sun is just starting to set, the warmth wraps around you like your favorite blanket, your muscles thank you for allowing them to move instead of sitting cramped at a desk and studying all night. I know that one is a stretch. Its just what I tell myself to justify this three hour walk when I had so many things I needed to be doing.

And, then, it happens.The sun finishes its descent and you look up into the vast expanse of stars stretching above you. The world is endless — something I’m aware of, but the visual makes it all the better. It is constantly above you, reminding you of how small you are and how impressive our world truly is. Its the sort of thing that can cause an Ecologic Coming to Jesus moment of sorts, causing one to start biking, recycling and joining the WWF. You know, preserve that glory and all.

It’s my favorite thing. It reminds me of home. It reminds me of summer. It reminds me of first kisses and heart to hearts with my best friends. It reminds me of small town. It reminds me of country. It lets me dream of the future.

So, as I sit here, continuing to put off the massive pile of school work staring me down, I wish I could sit outside, and stare up at the sky forever, dreaming, imagining, reflecting. And a word of advice, if you want to know my deepest feelings, take me outside at night. Hint. Hint. Hint. Hey, that was subtle enough, right?



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