We’ve all experienced it. That moment of unadulterated bliss found immediately upon waking up, right after you’ve hit the snooze button on your obnoxious alarm ripping you from your blissful dreams and attempting to force you into reality. The sun is shining through the window, you are snuggled beneath your blankets, in a cocoon of warmth, nuzzled into your favorite stuffed animal. You have on an old t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and you would be content to stay there forever.

This morning, my alarm went off like any other morning, and I woke to find my roommate already preparing herself for the day. She had already turned our temperature from the frigid arctic we like to sleep in to the toasty warmth needed in the morning, and I was content to lay there forever. I contemplated skipping my ten am class, not because I was sick, had work to do or even was tired. In fact, its my favorite class — I should want to attend. However, the appeal of my bed was too much to deny.

I argued back and forth with myself, all the while listening to the sounds of my roommate styling her hair and selecting an outfit, the sounds a normal person is one hundred percent familiar with in the morning. I said: Rachel, you should just stay here. You can e-mail the professor from your phone and all will be well, you never have to leave. This, sentiment was combated with my responsible side’s declaration that: You can’t skip class! You won’t be able to say Zeta Kappa at sisterhood, you won’t get to discuss this book you like so much, its the only class towards your major! What is wrong with you?

So what did I do? I closed my eyes and sunk back into the euphoria of my warm and toasty bed. The safety it provided from the world. And then my alarm went off for the second time, pulling me once again from my dream land. I hesitated once more before I crawled out of my bed, reassuring myself I could come back soon to this lofted bed, complete with approximately six blankets, a comforter, two pillows and a heated turtle, my haven from everyone and everything.

I got up, made myself a mug of green tea, put on a sweater and waltzed out the door into the brisk, yet warm winter morning — although it feels so much more like spring. Sporting my Betsey Johnson sunglasses and hearing the soothing words of Dyme Def on my iPod, I realized this: the world is mine. I don’t need a haven from it; I am responsible for my own happiness. Why would you ever hide of from the world when there are so many things to enjoy, to conquer?

While yes, I do not argue that I believe my bed can produce a happiness better than any drug. In fact, if given the choice, I will spend my free time in my bed, doing homework, writing blogs, reading books.. I will never, ever be afraid to leave it behind to take on the world. And that, is why I went to class this morning, to conquer the world.




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